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I know I haven’t been very active on this site for quite a while – my last article was about the Tarot Helmets – and the one article before that was a very, very long time ago!

The thing is that since a long time, I have had some ideas about what I wanted to do with this blog.. and the first thing I wanted to do was to take the blog and put it on my own domain. The reason being that I can do more stuff on that blog, as compared to this free blog… stuff like Google Analytics and SEO via some plugins, integrate it with my Twitter account etc. A free site doesn’t give me these facilities, alas… :(

Of course, I thought long and hard about whether I should delete this blog or just leave the articles over here …. and I decided to just leave the articles here. And I am now in the process of writing some new articles on my new site. This new site has been live for some time, and shall be updated regularly – Promise!

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I really do appreciate all the love and support all of you readers have given this blog of mine, and I shall continue to cherish it. And I hope that you extend your love and support to my other site as well…

So lets get together on my new side and engage in some new and improved Tarot-ically Speaking!

A very interesting idea was brought to my notice a few days ago – Tarot card images on Helmets! While exploring the whole thing a bit more, I had a chance to communicate with and have a nice telephone chat with Danielle Baskin, the wonderfully vibrant person who is the brains behind this concept.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation we had (both e-mail and telephone):

[Any errors in the transcription are purely mine.]


Danielle, tell me, how did you get this whole idea?


I [had] never touched a tarot deck until about two years ago when I was sort of ‘conned’ into getting a reading on the street. I was completely skeptical about the whole thing but [since I was] feeling sorta ‘off-track’ in life so [I said] “Okay, why not?”.

What really surprised me was the powerful sense of agency I felt immediately after leaving. It’s like all these hypothetical ideas [that] you didn’t know ever existed started to emerge simply from attempting to construct a story using these enigmatic images as a template. I accepted the idea that the Tarot cards [are purely images] – and didn’t reject it as a form of advice or therapy. The images trigger so much buried information! It’s [the process of] constructing the story that helps clear [the mind] and create patterns of thinking.


Helmet with Star Card Image

Helmet with Star Card Image



What was it about the cards – especially the images on the cards – that really struck you?


When I bought a deck and tried to figure out the different meanings of the cards, I started writing down my immediate reactions to the way Pamela Colman Smith placed the symbols.

I’ve always been fascinated on how different modes of thinking trigger eye movements – and how visual perception relates to storytelling.

For example:

  • Upper Left – What you’re imagining in your future
  • Upper Right – What events have actually happened (Unseeable)
  • Bottom Left – Potential area of mental space – not yet broken into
  • Bottom Right. What factors are affecting/controlling you

Of course, reversing the images changed the meanings dramatically. For example, in The Magician [card], when the card is reversed, the hand pointing at the plants is more noticeable. This could mean quite literally feeling like a situation is out of your hands and you can’t grasp your resources, you’re blaming something else for your situation. The infinity sign [seems] less important when reversed. His face frowns more. He points at nature. When [upright] The Magician is aware of all his resources and the natural world. He appears to be altering nature, to make it more beautiful using cleverness and manipulation.


Helmet with Hierophant Card Image

Helmet with Hierophant Card Image


[The amazing part is] that the cards were not painted in reverse. I’m not sure [that] Pamela Coleman Smith [thought about the fact] that the images would be flipped while she was painting them intuitively – but I still like the idea of the card possessing dual meanings, but a reversed card might be a stretch of a confabulation.


So what gave you the idea of painting these image on helmets, of all the things?


Well, the idea just came to me suddenly one day. The idea of having an entire deck of Tarot cards cycling around on the streets seemed to really jump out at me. There is a lot of motion involved with the Tarot cards. The images of the cards make you want to take action! I most certainly wanted to, and did!

The idea of seeing connections and attributing causality to chance circumstances is really fascinating to me. – while on a surface level the helmets are ‘protecting people from accidents’, they might [also] be regularly reappearing into people’s lives. It would be fascinating if people run into certain Tarot helmets on their daily commute and if there’s some sort of pattern of thinking (or mental state) that correlates to the times they do see that image – like “Whoa! I’ve seen that before! This is connected to this which is connected to this.”

I think temporarily disengaging from your environment is really important to help crystallize memories and sort of ‘think about yourself thinking’. Noticing symbols are important – because they help you learn about how you think. Not that symbols or omens are more powerful than you – but the idea that you’re noticing them could be more relevant than the symbol itself. It helps you pay attention to your own personal thought patterns and open up spaces for possibilities.

I also like the idea that each card-wearer will be connected to an entire deck. Realizing that he is a part of a whole. And that the whole is always in motion and impossible to capture.


All this sounds pretty interesting if you ask me!



Helmet with Emperor Card Image

Helmet with Emperor Card Image


Yes, it is! Especially since the wearer of the helmet always has the card stationary – there would be different ways to think about the card. [And as] the helmet is hemispherical like a brain, I got the idea of purposefully mapping out the images in accordance to the right-brain/left-brain.

Though highly debatable in neuroscience, the dualities that represent your conscious/public behavior (left) and your potential and unconscious thoughts (right) are understandable. The brain doesn’t necessarily work that way – but the two concepts or mental-modes are simple to grasp. I thought about this for a bit while mapping the images.

For example, the character in Justice is on the left side of the helmet hence its a card about public persona and and image you’re portraying. It’s less of a ‘personal’ image. I painted the High Priestess split in the middle in the back because its both subconscious and conscious. I think that card is about information and knowledge. How one can become burdened by excessive knowledge to the point where it blocks thinking. It is really symbol-rich and relates to vision (the occipital lobe).


What are your thoughts about looking at all these images in motion?


As I said before, the wearer of the helmet has the image stationary on his head, while he is moving around. Meanwhile other people may see the image either coming towards them, or moving away from them.

For example, with the High Priestess, if the image is coming towards you it means you have too much information clouding your thinking. You can’t see her from the front of the helmet. If [the image is] moving away from you it means you’re just scratching the surface of the learning experience. You need to examine things more closely. In the High Priestess image, you can see words and letters like ‘TORA’ but its physically moving away so you need to catch up.


What about the colors of the cards? Did they play any role in this process?



Helmet with Hermit Card Image

Helmet with Hermit Card Image


Oh, yes! The color choices are also really important.

For example, placing gray around only half of the Hermit (disappearing into a vanishing point) is another intentional choice.

I am planning to make a little informational booklet about each card and give it away with every helmet so that the people who buy the helmets can understand the fantastic symbolism of the images that they have chosen.


Did you get inspired by any particular card when this idea came into your mind? If so, which card was it?


Oh yes! It was The Magician card. He has all these resources on his table which he is using. And the infinity sign on top of his head – its like there are an infinite number of possibilities with the things you have in front of you.


Wow! The Magician is the card that does always talk about creative inspiration and creation. In fact, many creative people often use the image to help them find focus and bursts of creativity within their lives and work. I know I always pull out this card and look at it and carry it around with me, whenever I feel myself losing focus.


That is very interesting. But, funnily enough, it wasn’t The Magician which was my first helmet painting.


Then, which was the first card you painted on a helmet?


It was actually The Wheel of Fortune card. And I had some pretty interesting experiences with that image, let me tell you.


Really? Like what?


When I first started my company I created a Wheel of Fortune card for this psychic I met at a craft fair. I made it for free so I could meet with her to discuss tarot cards. Once I created it I kept getting tons of orders. When I went to meet her to give it to her my wallet was stolen from me on the subway. I actually lost some money when I was giving away the lucky helmet. Who knows what to attribute this to?


Oh yeah! I have had that experience with The Wheel! It is a crazy merry-go-round alright!


Tell me about it!

Danielle and I chatted for a few more minutes after that exchanging our experiences with the cards.

My Take:


Helmet with Fool Card Image

Helmet with Fool Card Image


Personally, I found this whole concept quite fascinating – imagine you are going to work and then you spot a helmet with the picture of The Magician card, and then you go to work feeling great and experiencing a burst of creative energy within you! Or seeing the picture of The Hermit card while you go back home from school, and finding that peaceful, solitary place to sit down and grasp some complicated lessons you learnt at school…

The possibilities of the sightings of these symbols is endless – and will only add to the powerful symbolism that surrounds us in our lives everyday! In fact, something like this makes us sit up and take notice of these symbols – which otherwise just go away unnoticed because we just didn’t look.

When I do get me one of these helmets, I plan on getting one with The Fool card .. We have quite an interesting bond, The Fool and I..

Which one will you get?

To order your helmet from Danielle, just go to her website on www.humantarotproject.com or e-mail her at tarothelmets@gmail.com.



A word I keep saying all the time. Something I totally believe in.

And something that many people often ask me about.

So I decided to write about what I feel about it.

Intuition: Definitions

My Mac Dictionary defines the word Intuition as: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning; a thing that one knows or considers likely from an instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. ORIGIN Late Middle English (denoting spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication): from the late Latin intuitio(n-), from Latin intueri ‘consider’.

Wikipedia defines Intuition (philosophy) as: the act by which the mind perceives the agreement or disagreement of two ideas; and Intuition (knowledge) as: understanding without apparent effort.


Intuition: So What is it All About?

sun-light-from-above_1042.jpgThe whole idea of Intuition was introduced to me by my Tarot teacher. She always used to say that Intuition is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the card. So very true! And it applies not just to the Tarot Cards, but also to different situations in life as well.  

Intuition is basically the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of something, or someone – and yes, the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the card.

We all grow up with a little voice inside our heads – it is that little voice that keeps on telling you what is right or wrong (for example, it is the little voice inside your head which probably told you that Mom will be angry if you do something) and it is that voice which keeps on telling you what the outcome of a certain situation can be (for example, the little voice inside your head that told you that the guy you are going out with is a total loser).

But then, we are taught, nay conditioned, that we ought not to listen to that little voice inside our head and instead follow logical and rational thought processes.

Not that I am against rational thought or logic, but there are many times where these things can totally fail us. All of us have discovered in our lives that some things which may seem rational and logical do not always correspond to reality. And it is that little nagging voice inside of our heads which was right all along. For example, that guy really turned out to be a big loser despite all appearances to the contrary, and Mom did really get angry for what we did.

Intuition Confusion: How Do We Know?

QuestionMark.jpgBut then again, there can and often are so many other little voices crowding inside of our heads that we often think that they are Intuition. Those are the voices of our fears, the voices of our past experiences, the voices of our own expectations, and so on. All of these different voices can often cause confusion in our minds and cloud the voice of our Intuition.

So how do we separate out the voice of our Intuition?

To do that, we must first know ourselves better – know more about what we are doing and why. We must know our ‘triggers’ and our ‘responses’ to these ‘triggers’. And when we know that, we can separate these voices because then we will know their source, their origin.

Trust me, there is no easier way, no short-cut to achieving this. But there is a way. It is a combination of Awareness and Practice. And this is how I do it.

I try to remain Aware constantly – I try to watch myself, as if I am a third person, and observe what I am doing. Then I try to figure out why I am doing what I am doing. And then I tell myself all of that. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds – really. But it certainly takes a lot of time to get the process down to such an unconscious level that one does it like one breathes – without the awareness that one is doing it.


Yes, I know – to be aware, you have to remain in the Present, become your own Observer, and then do this process Unconsciously, without Awareness.

Careful, you may be stepping into a very Zen territory out here! :)

And the next step is Practice – just keep on doing this. And you’ll get the hang of it.

Personally, I am still practicing – one is never really perfect, right? And yes, I do slip-up now and then. :(

And so, once we are aware of all the different things we do and why we do them, we will know what triggers our responses – what are the different stimuli that cause these different reactions. And by reactions, I also include the different voices we hear.

So now we can identify the origins of each of these voices – some may originate from past experiences, some from our fears, and some from logic, and so on. Meanwhile, you will also find a voice which has no origin whatsoever. And that is the voice of Intuition.

Something that has popped up into your mind for no apparent reason – and from no apparent source or origin.

Your Intuition.

Intuition and Tarot Cards: How Tarot Cards can help Spark your Intuition

And so, how do the Tarot Cards tie in with Intuition?

52_Minor_Cups_03.jpgWell, the cards have pictures on them and these pictures mean something. Plain and simple, you can just see what’s happening in the picture and decipher the meaning. Or you can totally get into the symbolism, the myths, the philosophy, the astrology, the numerology – the whole jing-bang, and then decipher the meaning of the card.

Either way, the picture and its inherent meaning will be there right in front of your eyes for you to see.

But then, wait.

What did that little voice in your head say when you first saw the picture?

Pay attention. Really.

What did that little voice in your head say when at the first sight of that picture on the card?

Go on, listen to it. Really listen to that voice.

Learn it’s tone, it’s tenor, it’s cadence. Identify it’s source. Listen to how it sounds like (probably very quiet). Understand what it feels like (probably very peaceful).

That’s your Intuition talking.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t panic.

When you are doing a reading and you get these Intuitive, instinctive insights, don’t be afraid to voice them. Tell your client, that your Intuition is saying this. Don’t discount it. Don’t say that you could be wrong.

Believe in your Intuition. Trust it. Have total, complete, irrevocable Faith in it. Respect it. Treat it like it is something important. Special.

And trust me, your Intuition will become stronger and more spot on with every passing day.

Yup! It’s called the ‘Psychic Muscle‘ and just like any other muscle in your body, the more you exercise it, the more stronger it becomes!

And your cards can work as a wonderful tool for you to access that Intuitive force present within you. Because, they are simple and easy. And because they make it easier for you to focus on the true voice of your Intuition.

A daily one-card or three-card draw is a good way to keep this practice going and to keep your Psychic Muscle exercised.

And soon you will see that you get sudden insights and bursts of intuition – even without the presence of the cards. Your mind’s radio station will tune in more easily to the voice of your Intuition. And when you most need the guidance, the information you require will come to you.

Intuition: A Few Examples from my own life

Oh yes! I have had some interesting incidents in my life which have to do with Intuition. And I am going to share them with you.

And no, I don’t get flashes of stuff happening to me all the time.

Only when it is required.

Once, I was doing a reading for a client – and I saw something, almost like a movie scene, happening in front of my eyes. (And no, this doesn’t happen to me all the time!) And I described this scene to her. Guess what! She said, this had happened to her just the day before!

A recent example was just before my Green Card interview. Now, I was going in a different category – my Mom had applied for me. But many-a-times, people apply for Green Cards under different categories – typically, a newly wed wife applies for a Green Card because her husband has one. And at that time, they are supposed to show photographs of their wedding ceremony to the interviewer, to prove that a wedding really took place. The visa information website where all this stuff is written had not mentioned such a requirement for my category. And so, I was adding all kinds of documents in my folder – like my Birth Certificate, to prove that my Mom is really my Mom and that I am really her Daughter etc. etc. And then, suddenly, the voice inside my head told me to pack some photographs as well… pictures of me and my Mom. And so I did that. I looked through a pile of photos and picked out some nice pictures of me and my Mom and put them in a nice album thingy and packed it into my document folder. So, when I finally went in for my interview, the lady who interviewed me asked me a whole bunch of questions (as they normally do) and then instead of asking for any other document, she simply asked me if I had any pictures of me and my Mom. Thats it! That was the only ‘document’ she wanted to see. So, promptly, I said ‘Yes’ and gave her the album.

And then of course, there are those funny moments, when I suddenly feel the urge to hunt down my cell phone and then I get a text message or a phone call.

And then there are those moments when I just know if someone is going to drop by for a visit. Or not.

Lhfas1.jpg And then there was today morning when I decided to mow the rest of the lawn. I had finished half of it yesterday morning in the heat of the sun, and had decided that I would wait till today evening to do the rest of it because the Sun would not hurt me so much. But then, as I sat on the porch this morning sipping my second cup of coffee and smoking my ciggy, my little voice said to me: ‘The sky looks cloudy – not cloudy enough for it to rain right now, but it will rain in a few hours and it will keep on raining. So, if you want to mow the lawn, better do it now, or else, you won’t have the opportunity for at least a day or two. And then the lawn will be half finished.’ So I got up, and got down to it. I got a few drops of rain on my head just as I was finishing up on the last chunk of grass.

And it is still raining outside… So, if I would’ve waited, thinking that the rain may not fall, I would’ve had a very unfinished looking front yard right about now!

This year began with a bang for me! After waiting for 6 years, my immigration visa interview came through and I am finally on my way to USA to meet my family, live with my Mom (till I find my own accommodation) and generally give my career as a fiction writer some right mileage.

But before I launch into all that, let’s have a look at some interesting number facts that I noticed along the way…

My final interview date was set on the 31st of December, 2008. Add it all up: 3+1+1+2+2+8 = 17 which adds to an 8. Then, my interview was conducted in a cubicle numbered 9. If you add up 8 and 9, you again get 17, which, adds up to an 8. I was the 8th last one from among the whole lot of people to be called in for the interview (the Gujrati (!!) lady next to me was keeping count!) :-)

Interesting! Well, I was born on the 8th of Jan…. and I have often observed how this number and it’s half (the 4) keeps popping up in my life on and off for all the strangest of reasons.

My flight is booked for the 28th of Jan, 2009. Add these up and you can see that 2+8+1+2+9 = 22 which adds up to a 4! I live in a flat numbered 4.

I am going to live with my mom for some time, before I can figure things out in the USA. Her house number is 305 (another 8)!!

So, with all these numbers going around, let’s have a look at the year to come: 2009. This year adds up to 11 or 2. So, let’s examine these numbers with regards to our cards.

Beginning with the Major Arcana:

Key XI : Justice.

11-Major-Strenght This one is the actual number that this year adds up to. The Justice card, among other things, talks about decisions – taking decisions, making decisions (oh, yes, there is a difference between them two!) and about Karmic Justice. This is the kind of open-eyed Justice, where all is seen and heard, and then action is taken with all the pros and cons in mind. The main feature of this card is also inherent in the pair of scales which she holds in her left hand – Balance, and the sword she holds in her right hand – Logic.

She is often likened to Themis, the Greek Goddess of Justice, or to Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Justice. And in keeping with the qualities ascribed to both these Goddesses, she takes logical and balanced decisions, weighing all her actions and thoughts in accordance with the Universal Law of Karma.

My Prediction:

This is a year when all things will even out – Karmic Debts will be repaid and decisions will be taken with an even-handed, action-oriented, long-term perspective and an objective vision.

Key II: The High Priestess.


The High Priestess card is often held to be the most powerful card in the entire deck – simply because it is full of deep symbolism, and because it shows the inner sanctum of the Divine Feminine.

She is often likened to Persephone or to Isis, and sometimes even to the female Pope. The High Priestess is the perfect picture of the balance that one can achieve within the Duality of everything.

She is the inner self – the unconscious force which holds all the secrets concealed within her psyche. She is the representation of inner wisdom and intuition. She is the stillness before creation.

She simply is – and there is no disputing that fact.

My Prediction:

Taking forward the tone set by the Justice card, this year will also be one where focus will be drawn within – our souls, our inner worlds and our inner wisdom. Intuition and instinct will rule the decisions which will be made and taken. Although stillness will be the norm, it will foster new thoughts and ideas which will be waiting to germinate and sprout out into form (in the next year!)

Key XX: Judgement


The Judgement card talks of redemption – a redemption from the cycles of Karmic action. This is a card indicating freedom and release. Typically depicting a scene from the ‘Judgement Day’ scenario, this card signifies a movement forward on the Karmic ladder – where one transcends the flow of material life and moves into the spiritual form.

My Prediction:

Adding to the tone of the message from the Justice and The High Priestess cards, the Judgement card tells me that for those among us who ‘hear the wake-up call’, our intuitions will guide us along the right paths – helping us take and make decisions with a strong will power, and creating situations from where maintaining and generating Karmic balances will lead us on to a place where we will be free from struggles and transcend towards redemption. The key theme of this year will be Forgiveness.

So, after all these deep, heavy, top-level things, what will our everyday lives be all about? Let’s look at the Minors for that.

So, Moving On To The Minor Arcana:

2 of Wands:


This card from the Suit of Wands talks clearly about careers, work and seeking opportunities. This man standing on the terrace of his house, dressed in fine clothes, looks on to the sprawling ocean in front of him, while holding on to a wand in one hand and a globe in another.

This card talks of how the world has indeed become a small place. We don’t really suffer from the ‘frog in the pond’ syndrome anymore – rather, we have now begun to question ourselves more about our self-created perceptions of that pond. To me, this card is now raising the following questions:

  • How would you described your pond?
  • Do you want to explore another pond?
  • Or do you want to remain in your own pond and be satisfied and content with what you have?

My Prediction:

Many of us will face these questions in different aspects of our lives – especially, our careers, and in any other area of life, where our desires and passions – our fire energy – comes into play.

2 of Swords:


This is a card which talks of choices and decisions. In this picture, we see a woman holding two swords in her hand, while crossing her hands across her chest. She has a blindfold on her eyes, and she cannot see. We also see a crescent moon in the sky, and a water body behind her. She is faced with decisions (remember the Justice card?) – but she also wants to protect her own heart from the consequences of these decisions. Perhaps, she is also afraid to see what lies ahead of her, and so she has chosen to be, or to remain blindfolded. There are choices available to her, but she knows, that she has no one else to rely on, except for her own intuition. She knows that no matter what decision she takes, she is liable to face the consequences.

My Prediction:

Many of us will find ourselves at cross-roads and at cross-purposes this year. Taking and making decisions will rule our minds – choices will be available: between a rock and a hard place, or between the devil and the deep blue sea. Take your pick! But the main questions that abound will be: ‘Should I choose now?’ and ‘Can I choose now?’.  No matter how logical it may or may not sound, it is Intuition which will rule over the mind in the next year.

[Psst: Note how her sitting pose is strikingly similar to the Goddess in the Justice card and the High Priestess card!]


2 of Pentacles:


This card from the Suit of Pentacles shows a young man dressed up in clothes which look funny, but he is definitely not laughing. He is juggling two pentacles within a lemniscate – with boats going up and down on the waves right behind him. The whole juggling the pentacles business is exactly how many of us are going to manage our money this year.

My Prediction:

Many of us will spend time in an endless juggling match – trying to do this thing and that, trying to keep things going. And while this is going on, the emotional ups and downs in the background are not going to ease up on us…Add to this mix the whole career-questions raised in the 2 of Wands and the choices presented to us in the 2 of Swords, this year promises to be one filled with a seemingly endless up and down financial see-saw.


2 of Cups

51-Minor-Cups-02 This card seems to be the most promising one of all. Here, we see a young man and a young woman meeting each other and exchanging cups. Above them rises the face of a lion with wings and a caduceus – passion and healing, combined with an exchange of emotions.

My Prediction:

Many of us will find friends or lovers or significant others in this year. It will be a relationship where the key feature will be sharing of emotions which brings about healing and then leads on to passion.

Alternatively, this card also shows a harmonious partnership at the workplace or business. This kind of partnership is sustainable and creates a positive feel at the workplace.

Some of us may also experience a harmony coming about within the male and female parts of their psyche (the Animus and the Anima).

So, To Sum It All Up…

This year looks good with regards to taking and making balanced and logical decisions – in fact, the favorable decisions made in this year will be those which have been taken with the gut instinct / intuition in consultation. Similarly, in the different aspects of life choices, decisions, harmony and adjustment are the key themes which abound.

Perhaps nothing substantial may occur this year, but this is the year where the foundations are going to be laid out for the fruits of next year. So it is extremely important and essential that things be done right this time!

And so I leave you with a quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (Act IV, Scene III), which is something which I always follow in my life:

There is a tide in the affairs of men,

Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;

Omitted, all the voyage of their lives

Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

On such a full sea are we now afloat,

And we must take the current when it serves,

Or lose our ventures.

May The New Year Bless Us All!

First off, let me apologize for writing a post after such a long time….

Lately, the world’s been buzzing about with books and videos related to creative visualization and manifestation of your desires. All this has taken off especially after ‘The Secret’ came out in the market. And now the sequel to the book has also come out (titled ‘Law of Attraction’) and it is creating quite a buzz too….

Let me start by telling you all that the video of ‘The Secret’ was one of the most amazing videos I have seen in a verrry long time…

So, back to the post….I have been experimenting with Creative Visualization and Manifestation for quite some time now. Back when I began experiencing these moments, I didn’t have these nice names for it – it began as a process of simply making a wish, and seeing it come true in front of your eyes. Of course, back then, I felt as if something tremendously magical was happening to me…Now I know that it is still magical, but there is a process and so forth to it…the video simply seemed to put things in the right perspective for me….

So, how can you use the Tarot cards for this process of Creative Visualization? There is a very simple process quite like a meditation with the card. Here is how it goes…

Choose a card which resonates with what your wish, and your desire is. Hold it in your hand. Watch the card closely and close your eyes. Try to recreate the image of that card in front of your closed eyes. Open your eyes after some time, and see if you got all the details correct. And then close your eyes again. Now visualize that these details from the card are actually manifesting or happening all around you. It is almost as if the card is materializing all around you. Stay in that image / visualization for as long as it takes for you to feel right at home in it. Then, slowly imagine that the elements of that card are dissolving in the reality around you, and that the energy of those elements is now getting transformed into your desired outcome (which has to be in resonance with the card you have chosen, of course). And then slowly open your eyes…

If you want to, you can even choose 2 or more cards if you want a certain situation to manifest. But for a start, you can choose just one card, and then work your way up to more.

However, a few words of caution / wisdom here: Choose something which is in alignment with the forces of Nature, and make sure you follow the ‘Harm None’ philosophy. Otherwise your manifestations could just bombard you in a way you may have not imagined it and things can end up going crazily out of control for you….

So, I leave you with the card I am going to meditate with for now…20_Major_Judgement















Card from Osho Zen Tarot Deck.                       Card from Rider-Waite-Smith Deck.

So, which card would you be meditating on?


The Large Hadron Collider has been in the news lately for all sorts of reasons. So, today, I decided to have a look at the Wikipedia page about it here. Fascinating read!

To be honest, all the technical stuff kinda went over my head (yeah, well, that’s why I am no scientist!) – But then the ‘Purpose’ section of the Wikipedia page made me stop, think and wonder. Apparently, among other things, this machine will help Mankind understand so many different concepts and theories – all relating to the creation of the Universe itself!

All the people, especially those from the scientific community are obviously very excited about this – and of course there are those doomsayers who think that this experiment may pose a danger to the world itself.


The one word that has inspired many books, concepts, theories, ideas, philosophies, myths and even religions – why are we so curious (often to the point of being obsessive) about how things began?

What does any person think that the beginning of anything will really reveal?

How does the BEGINNING of anything make any difference to what that thing IS NOW – or for that matter how it ENDS?

An interesting thought – considering that everything that ends must have begun somewhere and unless it begins, it simply cannot end. But it is sure that creation and destruction are both, equally inevitable parts of every single thing that IS.

In Hindu Mythology, there are 3 Gods who are associated with these different aspects of existing – Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu is the Protector, and Shiva is the Destructor. These 3 Gods form a Trinity, to keep everything going. And as per the Divine plan, everything begins remains and ends – apparently all at the same time – simultaneously.

Will knowing how the Earth or even the Universe began really make so much of a difference to Mankind – or is he just satisfying his innate inherent curiosity – and that’s all there is to it?

Or is Mankind waiting for some kind of a revelation to happen at the end of this discovery?

What does Man hope to gain from finding out how it all began? Is it a quest for Glory? Or is it for attaining the honor of becoming a God?

Will that satisfy the thirst?

When we find the Beginning will the search End?

You know what I think: I think that we all exist because of our will to exist and if that will went away, then everything will cease to exist.

It reminds me of something I saw when I meditated once: I had been sitting for some time watching the darkness in front of my eyes and feeling the tingling in my body. And then in the darkness there was a voice that asked: ‘Who Am I?’ And so a blue dot began to take form in that darkness – and it grew and it grew till it covered everything. It was all water, I think, rippling and flowing – and it was almost as if the question had stirred up echoes of reverberations all inside it and on the surface of it. And when each part of that flowing liquid resonated and asked the same question, the cacophony of sounds grew and grew till the whole thing exploded because of the sound. All those particles – each and every one of them – wanted to find out, individually (of course!), who they were! And they all began to move around and began to take shape and form – trying to find their identity in this and that – trying to find out whether this was who they were or that was who they were. They changed their shape and size and form and design – but the answer still eluded them. So they kept on going and going – because each shape and size and form and design – gave them no way, no method and no means of reaching any satisfactory conclusion. The more they changed, the more they began to become more confused about who they were. Soon it came to a point that they even began to forget what the question was in the first place. And it became commonplace for them to keep on changing their form from one thing to the next – completing a life-cycle every single time. And soon, the world (as we know it), began to take form. And then these particles began to become trees and birds and animals and then human beings. They liked becoming human beings – because they could now find several means of expressing their ideas, their thoughts, their concepts and their new questions. So they continued to remain more and more in this human form – they somehow thought that it was the most superior form that they had ever achieved. They were pleased with themselves. But then again, they realized that this form was not quite satisfactory too. Meanwhile, a few among them began to look deeper and probe more and more within themselves. They began to ask more and more questions. All these questions were about the same thing – how did it all begin? And the most important question of all – who were they? And so it all came full circle – and Mankind was besieged by this question – ‘Who Am I?’ Some of them have been able to ‘crack the code’ as it were – and then they supposedly merged with the Supreme. In my meditation, I saw that some of these became glowing blue dots and then some of them, the rare ones, just simply disappeared and started to form the darkness all over again.

And one day, it all went back to becoming the glowing blue dots, and then found its way back to the darkness – of course, only till the next time that a voice asks, yet again: ‘Who Am I?’

And as I moved far away from this, I saw that there were many such blue globes floating around in this darkness – each and every single one of them in different stages of this process. And each particle within each globe asking the same question: ‘Who Am I?’

Creation, Preservation, Destruction – all of them carry within them the seeds of the other. Everything came from the darkness and will go back there to rise once again – in the endless search for the elusive answer.

And this is not the first time this story has occurred. It has happened again and again and will keep on happening for ever.

Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing. Everything comes from Nothing – Nothing creates Everything. And then Everything turns into Nothing.

As I came out of this meditation, I realized that either of two things could be possible: that I had a really fantastic imagination (yeah, well…) and that what I saw was REAL.

So I decided that it was really great to JUST BE and ENJOY THE HERE AND NOW and stop chasing the elusive answer. Perhaps that is just the answer.


Reminds you about the symbolism of the Number Zero [ 0 ] – The Fool Card and The World Card – both merged together – doesn’t it!

In our world – which is full of so much psycho-babble and spiritual what-nots – this is one question that always manages to rear its ugly head in the minds of people like me – especially when one is on a certain spiritual path. So I am going to venture out and pen down a few of my thoughts about this topic. And of course, I am going to take the help of some wonderful Tarot card imagery to do so… :-)

In the world where we live – we need money to buy the things we need for our basic survival – such as food, clothing, shelter, Internet etc. We need to pay our bills and since the barter system has become obsolete, money is the best manner of purchasing what we want.

Since the need for having money has firmly been established as one of the essentials of living in today’s world, it is reasonable to want a certain amount of money in order to live.

However, what needs to be addressed is a situation when this desire becomes overwhelming enough for a person to be ruled by that desire. I have seen people become obsessive about the amount of money they earn, or spend, or don’t spend or even save! Really, how much money is too much money?

Economics tells me that ‘wants are unlimited’. In short, no amount of money is ever going to ‘feel’ enough. So let us look at what some of the cards in the Tarot deck have to say about money and wanting money…

The first picture from the Robin Wood deck shows a couple pulling at what seems like a treasure chest full of money. But both of them are pulling it in opposite directions. It seems as if they have found a way out of a dark place – but then the chest seems to be bound by chains and both of them are at cross-purposes. The next image from the Druidcraft deck shows a man locking away his money in a big chest. And the third image from the Universal Waite deck shows a man who is hugging his money to his chest – he also has a coin on his head and two coins each, below his feet.

All these images show the situation of what happens when you cross the invisible line between wanting money to buy you things that make you happy and wanting money because you never seem to have enough.

Well, to be honest, wanting to make money is not a bad thing. That is the bottom line. But then, wanting money above all else – well, that is a sure-fire way to take you down in that dark place (like in the Robin-Wood deck) where you are going crazy to take something but you are fighting your inner self and others to do so. It is also not a good thing to keep the money so close to your self that you cannot see, think or be anything beyond or without it (like in the Druidcraft and Universal Waite deck images).

The thing that we must understand is that money helps us buy the things we want or need, so that our lives can be better, and that we can live comfortably well. Saving money is not a bad deal either – because in that manner we ensure that we have something for that ‘rainy day’ or for our ‘old age’. But, at the end of the day, one must not get so carried away by it.

The way is not the destination. Money is the way to buy the things – money is most certainly not the aim of life. Money is used to buy things – don’t let money buy you!

So, to answer the question: wanting to make money is not ‘BAD’ – but thinking that money will solve all your problems, is most certainly an unwanted approach towards it.

Meanwhile, here are some interesting tidbits for you to chew on:

The Wikipedia Page on Money states:

Money is anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts. The main uses of money are as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value.

The article also goes on to state: 

The word ‘money’ is believed to originate from a temple of Hera, located on Capitoline, one of Rome’s seven hills. In the ancient world, Hera was often associated with money. The temple of Juno Moneta at Rome was the place where the mint of Ancient Rome was located. “Juno” etymology may derives from the Etruscan goddess Uni_(mythology) (which means “the one”, “unique”, “unit”, “union”, “united”) and “Moneta” either from the Latin word “monere” (remind, warn, or instruct) or the Greek word “moneres” (alone, unique).

Interesting, isn’t it?


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